This is a specific Nordic Walking certification that provides an innovative methodology to improve movement and technique in the recreational, fitness, health and sports fields.

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Learning outcomes

  1. To improve technical skills while preserving correct biomechanics.
  2. To maximise forward push optimising the applied forces and therefore improving sport performance.   
  3. To enhance the state of mind and readiness of Nordic Walkers and athletes.

Online modality

The success of the MRM lies in the regularity and consistency in its practical application. The online course offers an accessible and flexible channel to acquire the practice and knowledge contained in this certification. It includes 63 texts, 18 videos and 10 audios.


This certification is aimed for individuals who want to acquire tools to seek a conscious improvement of the technique, as well as enhance sport performance. Of special interest to Instructors, enthusiasts and athletes as the MRM provides new teaching and training resources to work on technique.


The suggested timing to complete this course is 12 weeks (2h/week) or 6 weeks (4h/week).

Invest in this course: 250€

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